Biggest concerns women have about taking the pill

When it comes to select the best suitable option for birth control, women become concerned about their health. Few of such concerns are as follows.

  • Weight gain- this is one of the biggest concerns women have about hormonal pills. However, research suggests that contraceptives do nothing with your weight loss or weight gain.
  • Mood swings- hormones play a major role in regulation of your emotions. So, one can experience some degree of depression and anxiety while taking the pill.
  • Safety- there are some risk factors associated with contraceptives, especially with combined pills. Talk to your doctor and let him decide which pill goes well with your body.
  • Effectiveness- majority of women thinks that not all types of contraceptives are equally effective. Remember, effectiveness of any method depends on its regular and correct use. It has been observed that IUDs, IUS and implants are most effective methods after sterilization. While, pills are up to 99% effective when used correctly.
  • Loss of fertility- 11% women have concerns about reduction in their fertility. However, there is no evidence that supports this concept.

Many women stop using contraceptives because of probable side effects, and by hearing cons of using contraceptives. However, it is really important to discuss your concerns with your doctor and get a fruitful advice.