When to See an Online Doctor for Cystitis

Mostly, cystitis befalls as a mild infection and pesky rather than a deadly condition. Rarely, it becomes a life-threatening disorder if left untreated for a longer period of time. So, people who have recurrent episodes of cystitis are able to manage them due to prior experience. But those who are still unaware of their condition must get expert advice. They should be mindful about when to visit a doctor if the symptoms continue.

When should I see a doctor with cystitis?

If you are having trouble passing urine and experience pain in the lower abdomen, you have warning signs of bladder inflammation. Immediately visit your GP if:

  • You notice cystitis symptoms that don’t go away within 3 days
  • Symptoms exist even after treatment with antibiotics
  • You are having acute symptom of cystitis, like intense pain in your lower abdominal part
  • Symptoms are appearing frequently
  • You notice cystitis symptoms during pregnancy
  • You are a man
  • Symptoms are happening with your child

Call for an urgent medical help if you notice following abnormalities with cystitis:

  • High fever with hot and shivery feel
  • Low fever with shaking and shivering
  • Drowsiness, confusion, and difficulty in speaking
  • Too little urine in a day, once in a day
  • Blood in urine

These symptoms indicate that you have a kidney infection. Go to your GP before its too late. If these symptoms are left untreated, they may lead to sepsis, which is another serious problem.

How a pharmacist can help you with cystitis?

If you have a pharmacy nearby, tell your symptoms to a pharmacist. He/she may:

  • Would give you appropriate pain killer
  • May suggest you antibiotics after talking about your symptoms
  • Offer some valuable advice that will make things easier
  • Provide you cystitis management services to cure your symptoms instantly

You can try online disease management services of “Health Hub”. Our experienced online doctors and professional team will give you our valuable aid to your problems.


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