Remedies for cystitis that you can try yourself

If you have suspicion that the discomfort you are going through indicates “cystitis”, read this bunch of information that you can try yourself to ease your distress.

  • To relieve pain, take paracetamol with a break of 4-5 hours
  • If your child is suffering from cystitis, give liquid paracetamol to them
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Put warm water bottle on your belly at the site of pain and get relief from the warmth
  • Avoid having sex
  • Limit your diet and avoid food and drinks that irritate your bladder
  • Void urine frequently

The patients who have recurrent cystitis keep cystitis sachets and cranberry drinks with them. So, in case you are also having cystitis symptoms repeatedly, take help from these sachets which might help. However, this is not a long-term solution to stable the symptoms. Visit your GP if the condition persists for 2 -3 days.

Are older people at higher risk of cystitis?

Unfortunately, cystitis becomes more devastating for older people. This is because of their old age and frailty, as they also suffer with cognitive impairment and often remain unaware of their condition. Sometimes they have to be on urinary catheter because of their weakness or any disease condition, which may also bring infection to their bladder. In older people, symptoms may include:

  • Behavioral changes like confusion and agitation
  • Unexpected voiding of urine
  • Shaking of body parts or rigors


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