Information on non-hormonal contraception methods

Any technique of contraception that does not impact a woman’s hormones is non-hormonal. Although condoms are a well-known type, there are numerous others.

  • The diaphragm is a silicone cup that is placed into the vagina to trap and remove sperm.
  • A cervical cap made of silicone is worn over the cervix to block the passage of sperm.
  • A sponge is comprised of foam and works in the same way as a diaphragm or cervical cap.
  • Copper is toxic to sperm, and copper IUDs prevent them from reaching the egg through the vaginal canal.
  • If you want to prevent or stop sperm from reproducing, you can use spermicide, which you inject into your vagina.
  • A male condom, commonly composed of latex, is a thin sheath worn over the penis during intercourse that blocks the passage of a man’s sperm into a woman’s reproductive system.
  • A female condom is a latex tube that has been greased so that it can be put into the vagina. Its ends are capped with two movable rings. Sperm can’t enter through the open end because it’s sealed.