Is withdrawal method a myth?

Withdrawal method is a classical contraception method in which male abandons his partner (pull-out) before he ejaculates to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Though, its an old method but still in practice today.

Several myths are also associated with these methods which have been briefly discussed below:

  • The effectiveness of this method has always been questioned, and the myth calls it least-effective. However, it may be a best contraception method if participant is capable of withdrawing correctly and timely.
  • Another myth is, it can cause several health issues like headache and blindness. However, it does not pose any risk on health of participants.
  • It may cause infections. Yes, like any other birth control method it does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Some of the misconceptions suggest that men do not get their maximum pleasure with this method and become impotent or weak. However, there is no any report about this method that it makes men infertile or lower their sex drive.

Does the pull-out method work?

Withdrawal method requires agreement of both partners and extreme carefulness, that’s why it is considered as the most unsafe method for contraception. However, evidences suggest that among 100 partners who use withdrawal methods, 20 women get pregnant every year and it is 80% successful.

There may be some chances of its failure due to the instable potential of partakers, and probability of sperm discharge in pre-ejaculate. For this reason, pull-out method is under estimated by public as it can cause pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

It is generally not recommended by most clinicians as the basic contraceptive method, because it may lower the sexual pleasure, and requires good self-control and motivation.