Contraceptive Vaginal Ring

What is a Vaginal Ring?

A vaginal ring is a soft, flexible ring that contains the hormones oestrogen and progesterone. This plastic ring is inserted into the vagina to slowly release the hormones into your blood stream. It is a prescription-only method to prevent unwanted pregnancy. 

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How does the ring prevent pregnancy? 

To avoid pregnancy, the ring is inserted into your vagina and gradually releases hormones oestrogen and progesterone while blocking their effects on the reproductive system. 

Firstly, both hormones inhibit the ovulation process. Secondly, the mucous fluid of the cervix gets viscous and sticky, which restricts the penetration of sperm. Lastly, if fertilisation occurs by any means, the lining of the uterus becomes thin and incapable of carrying and hosting a fertilised egg. 

What is the standard method of using a ring? 

The ring can be easily inserted manually at home. The ring should be removed after 21 days for a 7-day break. Then, after one week, put on a new ring for the next 21 days. 

This method is very effective in controlling pregnancy, and women are safe even during the days without the ring. 

If the ring is ejected on its own, then don’t worry. Wash it with lukewarm water and place it back in. 

If you forget to remove it after 3 weeks, then pull it out immediately and place a new ring right away. Talk with your doctor or registered nurse about having additional contraception options. 

What are the benefits of using vaginal rings? 

  • It steadily releases hormones for three weeks. 
  • No hassle of taking it daily. 
  • Simple to insert and remove. 
  • It aids in premenstrual syndrome. 

What are its side effects? 

  • Many women are reluctant about inserting or removing a ring at regular intervals. 
  • may cause temporary adverse effects like increased vaginal discharge, tender breasts, and headache. 
  • In rare cases, women may complain of blood clotting. 

What are the familiar brands of vaginal rings? 

  • Annovera