Low-dose Contraception pills

A majority of women prefer the combined pill over any birth control medication because it is generally safe. However, newer regimens of combined pills have been formulated with ultra-low doses of oestrogen to avoid its side effects in estrogen-sensitive women. 

These pills contain estrogen as low as 10-30 micrograms. Unlike progesterone only pill which contains 35 mcg of progesterone and accessible in only single dose, estrogen low-dose pills can help reduce the risks associated with combined pill. 

Contraception pills

What is the advantage of taking a low-dose pill? 

  • It is the best option for women who are sensitive to higher doses of estrogen. 
  • Periods become regular with less cramping. 
  • Suitable for 40+ or older women. 
  • has reduced the risks of other health issues associated with combining pills. 
  • reduces the chance of developing premenstrual syndrome (SMP). 

What are the possible side effects of taking low-dose pills? 

Its continuous use may put you at risk of getting: 

  • Heart attack, stroke, and blood lotting 
  • Mental depression 
  • increased weight 
  • Enhancing insulin resistance 

What are the major brand names of low-dose pills? 

  • Ovrannette
  • Lo/Ovral (norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol) 
  • Yaz (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) 
  • Eloine 
  • Millinette 
  • Mercilon