Progesterone-only or Mini pill

As the name implies, these pills contain progesterone only and lack estrogen. They are specifically designed for estrogen-sensitive people and contain low doses of the active ingredient progestin as compared to combination pills. If taken with proper care, minipills are also more than 99% effective. 

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How do the minipills work? 

Evidence suggests that progesterone present in mini pills averts a pregnancy by thickening mucus fluid present on the cervix and inhibits sperm from diffusing into the uterus and fertilising eggs. Minipill may also exert its effects by delaying ovulation. 

What is the method of taking mini pills? 

The mini pill is effective up to 99%, but it is crucial to take it every day. Otherwise, you will lose its effectiveness. You may start taking mini-pills at any convenient time, but try to take them at the same time each day. 

Why should I take minipills? 

You should take a mini pill because it is: 

  • best suited for women who are unable to take combined pills due to oestrogen sensitivity 
  • Safe for people over 40 who have hypertension, are obese, suffer from migraines, or smoke. 
  • It can be used right after giving birth, but avoid breastfeeding at that time. 
  • If breastfeeding, wait for 3 weeks before starting a mini pill. 
  • It is a method of birth control that can be undone, so if you stop using it, you can get pregnant again. 

What are the drawbacks to taking mini pills? 

  • It has to be taken daily without skipping a single dose. 
  • Periods may be irregular and frequent. 
  • Breast tenderness 
  • Nausea and acne 
  • Pregnant women, breast cancer survivors, and women with any injury or abnormality of the liver (like cirrhosis, hepatitis, or tumours) must not take mini pills. 

Caution! Before starting any contraceptive option, talk with your doctor, especially when you are already taking vitamins, non-prescription medications, or have an allergy to certain medicines. 

What are the different brand names of mini pills? 

Progesterone pills only are available on the market with the following names: